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8 Reasons To Have A Blog On Your Website

To Blog Or Not to Blog

For those of you who want to start doing some digital marketing for your school, the first step will be to create a blog. Blogging is probably the most important first step to generating more student bookings.

I know most school owners don’t have the time to write blogs with all the other activities that need to be done. For this reason I wanted to go over the benefits of having a blog on your school website and how it will get you more students.

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8 reasons to have a blog on your site:

  1. It improves your SEO (search engine optimization). If you want to rank high on Google search engine you have 2 choices. You can pay for it by having google ads or you can do it organically by writing blogs. The more blogs you have, the more likely people will find you faster. So if you write a blog on a certain aspect of grammar, let’s say the present perfect and someone in your country google searches this, they will find your page and info about your school and courses.

  2. It shows students that you care. When a potential student reads your blog, it gives you the opportunity to show them that you care about educating them. You are giving them interesting content to read for free and that will put you in a good light.

  3. It is vital for social media efforts. While it’s fine to share funny or educational images on Facebook, you really want to start sending people to your site. When you share good quality blogs on social media you will be sending more people to your site. Sometimes this is very difficult without having good informative content.

  4. It will make your school an authority in a crowded industry. The more people that read your blog means that they will associate your school as the best school out there.

  5. It gives you a platform to make offers to potential students. With more blogs comes more traffic coming to your site, with more people coming to your site comes more bookings. It moves students to a conversion point where enough trust is created for them to take the next step and book a testing.

  1. Think of your blog as a quality newspaper: a lot of good content and some advertising. A blog is the same. All your blogs should contain an offer for a free testing and a trial class, etc. The blog is the medium for you to attract students.

  2. Great new content gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site.

  3. Blogs are a much more trusted source than schools that just post about their courses, etc.

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Blogging on your school’s website is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from other schools. By providing your own unique thoughts and insights, you naturally grow your search traffic, customer trust and ultimately, number of students. In some ways, blogging also levels the playing field with bigger schools, giving smaller schools the unprecedented opportunity to compete with the bigger competitors.

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