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Digital Marketing For Language Schools

As a language school owner, you have to face many challenges running a successful business. One of the biggest obstacles is in making sure you have enough students enrolling. For many schools this has become more and more difficult in recent years. The days of handing out flyers or relying just on word-of-mouth referrals to ensure your classes are full are gone. Marketing has changed dramatically in recent years and school owners need to adapt accordingly to survive in today’s market.

Past Efforts...

I know many of you have tried some kind of marketing that has yielded a poor return on your investment. In the past, I paid out good money on traditional marketing and got very little back for it. I invested in advertisements on billboards, radio, newspapers & magazines. The response was very poor, and worse still, I couldn’t measure the effectiveness of any of these campaigns. I couldn’t say that I spent X and got this amount of students.

Digital marketing differs from these old ways of marketing as it is Direct Response Marketing, i.e. The results can be measured... I spent 10 Euros and I got 3 students. If I spend 20 Euros, I should get 6 students, etc. Traditional media is being taken over by social media and it is a lot cheaper to advertise these days.

Look at it like this:

  • Your Blog is the equivalent of having your own newspaper
  • Your YouTube channel is the equivalent of having your own TV station
  • Your Facebook ad is the equivalent of having your own billboard

You get the picture…

Our Goal

This is the purpose of this blog – to give owners of schools the tools, not only to survive, but to grow their business using the latest digital marketing techniques. Our goal is to help all participating schools double their students this year.

We want to help you double the numbers of your school using the latest digital marketing techniques. Are you Interested in Learning practi​cal methods to improve Your bookings? We can Help you!

Before we dive in, I just want to tell you a little bit about us.

A little bit about us is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping language schools grow their businesses. As Certified Partners of, one of the world’s leading marketing research and training companies, we are on a joint mission to help 10,000 companies double their size over the next 5 years. We achieve this through our data-driven marketing strategies that are built on human psychology, a wealth of experience, and access to the world's leading marketing training and certifications. We are also Callan school owners, so you can be sure that we test all these techniques on our own schools before we share them with you!

So let’s get started! We will begin with some basic facts: Firstly, there are only 3 ways to grow your business.

These are:

  • 1
    Getting more students
  • 2
    Charging more for you services
  • 3
    Getting students to buy more frequently from you

For school owners, getting more students will be the most important. By improving your services you will retain more students, therefore increasing the frequency that students buy from you. Obviously, charging more for your services is an attractive idea too, but that will come a little later down the line.  

So how do we get more students? 

This is the easy part, I assure you. We are in a high-demand business. By 2020, the British Council forecasts that two billion people will be speaking or learning English. So there are more than enough potential students out there. Many schools blame the economic downturn for having less enrollments each year, but this is not the case. We have 2 schools in Croatia, a country which has suffered it's worst recession ever in the last 8 years, and yet we have managed to double our business and we are continuing to grow. We have had to move locations twice to larger premises to accommodate these students. So believe me, there is no problem with demand for our services!

The point of this blog is to share the exact methodology on how we achieved this! We have identified 46 ways to grow you school! Yes 46, you read correctly.  In the coming weeks we will go over many of them.

I know many of you reading will be thinking that you won’t have the time to do all the things needed for this! I know you are busy people, but the beauty of digital marketing is that if you only implement a few of these techniques then you will see an increase of new students. The more you implement, the more students you will get.

We are so excited to be part of this journey with you, so check out the next blog on “Stop throwing away potential students" below.

We Want To Help You Double The Numbers Of Your School Using The Latest Digital Marketing Techniques. Are You Interested In Learning Practical Methods To Improve Your Bookings? We Can Help You!

Digital marketing agency that specializes in helping language schools grow their businesses

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