The Customer Value journey

Ready to grow your language School?

Imagine never having to worry about getting more students ever again! Just think how easy it would be if you had a marketing system that generated student bookings every day automatically! Sounds too good to be true? Believe me, it's possible, it's what we do! 

We are language school owners as well as marketers and last year we generated over 800 bookings  for our school!

What will we do for you?

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner that specializes in growing Callan schools by getting them more students, we focus on an 8 step Customer Value Journey, founded in human psychology and science, that turns strangers into customers, and customers into your biggest fans who will in-turn tell their friends

                     From trial to becoming a student

This approach enables us to be incredibly data driven, analyzing which areas of the business need the most attention in order to produce the best results. We believe in the formula:

Leads x Conversions x Margin x Frequency = Growth Potential​​​​​

However, we also appreciate that bookings without conversions is wasted opportunity, hence when we work with schools, we want to ensure we have a strategy in place that is mapped entirely to the Customer Value Journey, maximising the return on investment at every stage of the process


We utilise a range of skills and services in-house in order to fulfill the Customer Value Journey.

These include:
• Content Creation (guides, white papers, lesson plans, blog posts etc)
• Email Marketing (automation setup, broadcasts, content, lead generation)
• Social Media Management (Facebook)
• Paid Traffic Acquisition (Adwords, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Technical Implementation (landing pages, Messenger bots)
• Conversion Rate Optimisation (heatmapping, visitor recording)

What to do next?

Simple! Just book a free consultation with us. On this call we will go over your marketing efforts and show you how to improve your results. We have identified 46 ways to grow your Callan school! So even if you don't want us to help, you will leave the call with a lot of ideas on how to get more students.

You should take this free consultation call if:

  • Your  school is focused on making a positive impact on teaching and learning
  • You are serious and committed to growing your school substantially over the next year
  • You care more about business growth than specific marketing channels
  • check
    You are willing to invest time into your marketing (even if we do it all for you, we need to spend time with you to understand your school better)

This consultation is NOT for you if:

  • You are not 100% passionate about improving your school on all levels
  • You are not able to handle significant growth at this stage
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    You do not have some time to invest in growing your business over the next year

How to apply? 

  • Book a time to speak with a school growth consultant
  • Get on a call with your consultant and discover how to create predictable, consistent, scalable growth for your School

A little bit about us... is a digital marketing agency that specializes in just helping language schools grow their businesses. As Certified Partners of one of the world’s leading marketing research and training companies, We are on a joint mission to help 10,000 companies double their size over the next 5 years.

We will achieve this through our data driven marketing strategies that are built on human psychology, a wealth of experience, and access to the world's leading marketing training and certifications. We are also school owners, so you can be sure that we test all these techniques on our own schools before we share them with you!