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Get Their Emails, So You Can Follow up!

So what happens when a visitor comes to your site and takes a look around and leaves… How do you make them buy your courses? How do you get them to come back to your site again? What now?

Simple- Email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to stay ahead of your students, keeping them up to date with your offerings and keeping you top of mind.

If done correctly, email marketing can be like having an invisible sales team working for you to generate you bookings 24/7.  Think of it, somebody leaves their email details on your site and they are automatically sent emails that convert them into students without you lifting a finger. Everything just happens on its own.

So how can you set this up? It’s a lot easier than you think.

The first thing you need is a compelling reason for them to give you their email details and for that you will need a “Lead Magnet”.

So what is a “Lead Magnet”? 

It is an incentive you offer to potential students in exchange for their contact information such as name, email, phone number, etc. 

I'm sure you have seen these all over the internet. A typical example of a lead magnet is something like this:

If you want to see more examples of good lead magnets, check out this link:

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The best lead magnets are short and easily digestible, usually 1-2 pages long. Good lead magnets are guides or cheat sheets. For example “A student's guide to picking the best English school”, or "Irregular Verb cheat sheet", or "Phrasal Verb Guide".

How do you offer this lead magnet to visitors on your site? There are many ways, but the easiest is to use pop-up software like or for this. When somebody comes to your website and is looking around, the pop-up will be activated as they leave and they are offered a free e-book in exchange for their email.

You will also need an autoresponder like Mailchimp or Activecampaign. Autoresponders are email software that allow you to load up a series of emails and send them out automatically when a student gives you their email on your site. So all you have to do is write a series of emails; i.e. a welcome email, blog emails and an offer email. You can program your autoresponder to send out your emails on a given time, date etc.

Here is an explanation video, showing some of what Mailchimp can do for you here

When the student signs up for your lead magnet, then you can program the autoresponder to send the student emails every few days or every week. You can build an email system that sells courses for you while you sleep.

So it's important to build up your email list. The more emails you have, the more people you can reach back out to and inform about your upcoming courses. If you collect 1,000 email addresses and only 5% of them take up your offer, that’s still 50 new students.

The main thing to remember about email marketing is that you don’t just send them a barrage of emails with offers, you need to send them good content first to build a relationship with them. What is good content? Your best, most-read blogs. This is very important!

Relationship building is the key for this tactic to work.
Think of it this way…you wouldn’t go on a first date with someone and ask them to marry you, would you? It’s the same with marketing. You never go for the sale straight away, you need to build the relationship first.

There are steps to be followed, which we will go over in the next blog on the Customer Value journey. For now, start thinking about the best blogs you can offer your email list? What value can you offer them?

The most important thing to get right first is your lead magnet. Start thinking about what material you can offer to your students to get them to give you their email contact info. We have a free 10-point lead audit available for you to download so you can tell if your lead magnet is good enough.

We want to help you double the numbers of your school using the latest digital marketing techniques. Are you Interested in Learning practi​cal methods to improve Your bookings? We can Help you!

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