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Is Your Bad Homepage Killing Your Language School?

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Language schools are under so much pressure these days to catch up with social media marketing. For most school owners this can be overwhelming, as they don’t have the time or the resources to commit to doing it properly. As a school owner, I’m sure you are aware of how important marketing has become for your business. However, most people are neglecting the most important aspect of their marketing, and that is their website.

I have been looking at a lot of language school websites lately and I am amazed that most of them are completely outdated and do more damage than good. The purpose of your homepage is to set you apart from your competitors, to tell people who you are and why they should choose your school. It is your online digital business card. A badly-designed homepage will get you ignored, while a good one will do its job and get you more bookings.

In this article, we’re going to go through the key elements of what makes a great homepage, and hopefully by the end of it, you’ll be able to then take away and apply it to your schools' websites.

What Makes A Great Website?

Essentially, it should be simple, uncluttered and straightforward. Your home page shouldn’t look like a bad catalog crammed full of offers and the latest news. It is your first impression, and you know how important this is. If you can't showcase that your school is different, your potential students will only focus on your prices and there will always be cheaper offers out there.

There are 6 fundamentals that every great homepage should contain ( I have taken examples from non-school websites as I wanted to show good examples in English).

We want to help you to increase the number of students coming to your language school by using the latest digital marketing techniques. If you are interested in learning practical methods to improve your bookings, we are here to help you!

It Has A Great Compelling Headline That Talks Directly To The Student

Your headline should be something that will set you apart from other schools.

In short, a great headline front and center of your homepage is the most important element you can think of when designing your page. This headline should not be an offer for a course!

If you can’t describe your school to your visitors in one sentence and it doesn’t connect with their issues, then you should rethink it. Your headline is your introduction! Don't jump into a sale before you introduce yourself!

It Has Trust & Authority.

Does your site show authority?

Where possible, it’s always good to include reputable companies that you have worked with in the past to confirm authority and high value in your new student’s eyes. If you have worked with companies, put their logos here.

The more of it you can include on your homepage, the more effective it will be in establishing yourself as an authority.

Include a Selection of Your Latest Blog Posts (if you have some)

Your homepage on its own generally doesn’t change, which in the eyes of Google search engines, may be bad for SEO. Including some of your latest blog posts will not only keep your page fresh but also encourage the search engine bots to keep returning to your homepage and crawling your site for new information, which will greatly improve your rankings and attract new visitors.


As with trust and authority, including testimonials from your existing students will greatly improve social proof. This will add credibility to your school, removing any doubts and objections from your prospective students and encouraging them to take action.

We want to help you to increase the number of students coming to your language school by using the latest digital marketing techniques. If you are interested in learning practical methods to improve your bookings, we are here to help you!

A Simple & Effective Design

The problem; the busier the page looks, the more overwhelming it will be for your visitors and the less likely it will be for them to actually take the desired action. If your home page has too many disconnected elements, i.e. courses offered or special offers, it will looked very cluttered and the basic message that you want to convey will be lost.

In short, keep things simple; use two basic colors, a simple layout with a clear, large typography set that is easily read and consumed by your visitors.

Calls-To-Action (CTA)

Are your visitors clear on the action they need to take in order to move forward?

Again, this may seem like common sense, it’s surprisingly overlooked in favor of design and site layout.

In short, including a clear call-to-action on your page is essential, and not only for walking your visitors down a clear path. So what is your call to action? To call you? To book a testing? Download an eBook? Decide on the best next step for your school.

Obviously, the best CTA is the one that brings the student to your premises, so get them to book a free testing and set up a scheduler like Calendly ( so they can pick a convenient time to come to your school.


Try to include as many of these in your homepage as you can. If you don't have some of them, don't worry. The main thing that you should take away from this article is that your homepage should be used to set you apart from other schools (with a clear headline) and that you build trust and authority by showcasing your testimonials and the companies you have worked with!

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