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Stop pushing potential students away & get more bookings

Did you know that up to 95% of website visitors that come to your site won’t ever return if they don’t find the info they need? Just think about that for a second! 95% of potential students are lost because your website is not set up properly. Let's fix this first, so you stop pushing your students away & get more bookings.

You may be focusing a lot of your energy on driving people to your website to no avail. If your students can’t easily get the info they need, they are gone forever. So what can you do about this?  

The first thing that you need to realise is that the point of you website is to inform potential students about the Callan Method and your courses. The goal of your website is to get them to come to your school and talk with you. It is a lot easier to sell one of your courses face to face than it is over the phone or email.

 You need to make this as simple as possible. In the best-case scenario, you want them to come to your school and talk with you, not just send you emails or phone you. It takes too much time out of your day to do this.

If all you have on your website is a contact page that asks people to email you, this is not enough. Most who browse your site may not want a course at this particular moment in time, so the idea of writing you an email or phoning you is too much work! These days, people have a very limited attention span. They may have the intention to email you but they get distracted and then forget.

When someone visits your site you have a very limited time window to “catch them”. In order to do this you need to give them a compelling offer and the easiest possible way to connect with you.

So what is a compelling offer? Nothing that you probably aren’t doing already – a free testing and some trial classes. Make sure this offer is everywhere on your site: your home page, blog page, course detail page, etc.

The next step is to automate your bookings with an online appointment scheduler. There are many free schedulers out there, such as Calendly, SimplyBook, Appointlet. This will make your life so much easier. Connect your scheduler link to your numerous offers throughout your site and sit back and watch your bookings come rolling in. Instead of just having one contact page, your whole website becomes a Call to Action to book a free testing.

One thing to note regarding your scheduler contact form - don't ask for too many details from the student. Their first name, phone number and email is enough! Research has shown that contact forms with too many questions are off-putting to most people. Make it as simple as possible! Just get the info you need right now; you can get everything else later when the student signs up for a course.

A potential student walking through your doors is a lot better than an email inquiry or a phone call. You have the opportunity to talk face to face, show them your school and explain your methodology, give them a trial, etc. I guarantee that you will convert these people into your students a lot easier than your typical email inquires.

Since we started automating our bookings 3 years ago, we have spent little or no time on the phone talking with potential students trying to get them to come to the school as they come to the school themselves at a set time to learn more. We have enjoyed a huge increase in new students with a lot less effort. Try it for yourself! There will be no turning back.

How to cut down the number of "No shows?

When a student books for a testing with these schedulers, they will have to leave their telephone number and email address, so you can follow the booking up with a phone call or by SMS the day before. If they don't respond to the reminder then you can cancel the booking. As you will also have their email address you can continue to communicate with them and get them to rebook another time.
Also, many of the paid versions of these schedulers allow you to automatically send them a reminder by SMS or email the day before allowing them to reschedule or to confirm.
I guess you will always get some "No Shows" but you can significantly reduce them by getting them to confirm the day before. 

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