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Why Is Your School Unique Or Better Than Your Competition?

Have you ever wondered why people choose one foreign language school over another? Sometimes the deciding factor is price, sometimes it's location, but a lot of the time it comes down to online referrals & recommendations. One way to get ahead of the pack is to make sure you have a lot of reviews on your Facebook page, on Google, as well as on your website.

Online reviews are crucial!

How do I get them?

It's simple! Just ask your students to write short reviews about your school. I know when I want to go to a new restaurant or stay at a hotel, join a new gym or go to a new hairdresser, I always read the reviews. They are usually what tip me over to actually choosing any particular one.

Have believable student testimonials. They have to be believable, sound authentic and be from real students. Make sure their names are mentioned. People need to be convinced that you are doing a good job teaching English and they want to be sure that former and current students are very satisfied with your product. Reviews from your students provide proof for others to see. One particular review might be all it takes to push someone from thinking about going to your school to actually signing up.

Send an email to your students asking them to leave a review on your Facebook page or on Google. It takes them a few minutes and, if they really do like your school, they'll have no problem sharing their experience with others. You could do this in the following way:

Send out a survey for your students, asking them to rate different aspects of your school – the teachers, the method, how happy they are with their progress, etc. You can use this information to improve or tweak things to make your students happier. At the end, you could say, "If you are happy with our school, leave us a review on Facebook!", with a link for them to click. It's easy for them to do, and because they've just been thinking about the school while answering those questions, they're more likely to leave a review right there and then.

If, by any chance, you have had a local celebrity come to your school, be sure to use their photo and review as an endorsement. Put it up on your website.  The purpose of these quotes is to drive people to your school. Pick and choose the best ones you get and put them up online for everyone to see.

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